With Maarten Hilberdink, you are in good hands when it comes to employment law. Maarten is decisive, effective and, according to his colleagues, one of the best in his field. You will notice this through his precise way of working, his expertise, the thorough legal foundation of his advice or defence and the results he achieves.

Labour law and personal relationships
His cases often involve complex personal relationships, sometimes dating back many years. He seeks an appropriate solution that does justice to all aspects of the case, whether in an advisory or litigating role. Unburdening his clients and giving them the confidence that he will assist them in the best possible way is a key driver for him. Just like finding the right key, even if it does not seem to be there at first.

Maarten advises and litigates for small and medium-sized employers, employees and entrepreneurs. He has gained considerable knowledge and experience within the education sector, with mainly employers of educational institutions as clients. He specialises in labour disputes (also in the event of illness or impending dismissal), incapacity for work and illness, disputes concerning wages and emoluments, competition and relationship clauses, interpretation of collective labour agreements, position of director, management contracts and reorganisations. He is also a sounding board for HR advisers.

Civil law topics
Although he specialises in employment law, Maarten Hilberdink also advises and litigates on civil law issues. These include disputes concerning partnerships, agency agreements and other commercial agreements, including assignment agreements (self-employed persons) and management agreements. Where necessary, he fulfils the function of litigator. If a case requires it, Maarten collaborates with lawyers specialising in other disciplines. To this end, he has an excellent network of lawyers in the Netherlands and abroad.


Maarten studied law at Leiden University and the University of Amsterdam. He followed the Postgraduate Course in Employment Law (PALA).

Maarten is a member of the Netherlands Employment Lawyers Association (VAAN) and the Association of Employment Lawyers of Amsterdam and Surroundings (VAAA).

In the Bar Association’s register of areas of law, Maarten has labour law as a registered specialisation. This obliges him to obtain at least ten training points in that area of law every year.

Maarten is a member of the Board of Delegates at the Netherlands Bar Association.